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Car forum hasn't helped...

So the car forum I'm on usually is pretty good at helping out but I don't know if any of them have had a similar issue as to mine.

I currently have a 1988 VW Golf that I've been working on since I was 18 (it's a daily driver but is modded).

The problem is that the original gauge cluster didn't have a tachometer (pretty normal for this car. Only GTI's really had tachs) So I bought the correct gauge cluster with a tachometer (a CE1) and everything turns on. The tachometer will turn on but the needle will just keep going up and over past 7000 RPMs until it pins itself. Mind you this is when the battery is just on or when the car is on. It doesn't register an idle. It seems like the opposite problem everyone else has had with the tach needle never moves from 0.

I have ran a line and wired it into the plug from the coil for the tachometer just like what you would do with an aftermarket tach.

It seems from that the cluster is originally from a GTi but the plugs are from a Jetta (the wire colors match up for the Jetta) and it looks like they put the GTi violet/black wire in the correct spot for the upshift indicator.

Any input would help . I know this is a GSD forum but I haven't found anything so far on VwVortex...
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