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A friend, who's lived in the neighborhood for a while, told me that he's lost two dogs to "blood poisoning," possibly related to a snake bite. I did a bit of research and it looks like our area is home to the Timber Rattlesnake, the Northern Copperhead and the Eastern Cottonmouth. We just killed a western diamondback last week, it was very close to my fence

How do you detect a snake bite in a dog? How is it treated? What do you do to protect yours? I've been scouring Amazon for snake repellant for the yard. Do you have any recommendations on that front? Anything else I can do to protect her? Many thanks! I did a lot of research on snake repellents and the only thing I found is that they don't work.

I ended up installing this mesh hardware cloth all around my yard to keep them out. Mat 0.12" Mesh Hardware Cloth | Wayfair

There is also a "snake fence" but it didn't work for us because we have so much rock here. Snakes Control | Snake Barriers | Catch Snakes | Stop Snakes | Prevent Snakes | Keep Snakes Out ? Snake Fence Systems

This is the rattler we killed.
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