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Level of smarts for a GSD?

How smart are GSD's compared to other breeds?

Is every GSD different in terms of how smart they are (silly question, I know, but I'm asking in terms of your experience if you've had multiple GSDs)?

Can you describe the average level of smartness a GSD possesses in terms of how quickly they can pick up new training and retain it?

I ask this because I wonder if my husky is above the average husky in terms of breed standard smartness or if Zeeva is a bit below. And I know it's all relative but I'm just asking more in terms of your experiences...

Smokey, my husky, is EXTREMELY food motivated which I think makes him unlike most huskies. He will attempt new behaviors if I ask him something that he hasn't done before. And if I can get him to do the task at hand, he'll remember it after about 2 successful consecutive attempts to complete it. He knows about 15-20 commands/tricks which I also think is far above what most huskies can achieve.

On the other hand, Zeeva my GSD, won't attempt a new behavior when I ask her to do something she hasn't done before. She simply stares at me, very focused, but doesn't attempt anything. If I can force her to for example, give me a paw, she'll understand after about 5-6 attempts. She knows about 10 commands.
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