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Talking Powerful Poem Stories Of Dreams Coming True

Used this in my play and my friends and I find this really powerful. After everything we been through these words comes to our mind.

It Is Simply Happiness Poem

To Be Simply Happiness is to follow those dreams
It is the sensation to follow your honest heart for what you believe in
It is to believe in yourself
It is courage
It is expressing
It is optimistic enthusiasm
It is the sensation of the ocean
It is the sun rising above the ocean
It is the sensation of marine life, birds
It is the sensation of being surrounded by friends of ppl and animals
It is to be adventurous outside of a house with friends spend special quality
It is helping others
It is working together as a team
It is always being yourself
It is making your one life count
It is to make stories that go on
It is to always keep walking
It is put your hands in the air and say
To Be Simply Happiness we will never give up on hope for dreams and goals

Yes an unrealized dream came true for my friends and I!
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