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Its been 2 months since I started feeding raw and it's been great for my girl. Now all of a sudden she has lost her appetite tonight I gave her a chicken quarter and all she ate was the leg portion and left the rest just completely refused to eat it. I did start a very strong antibiotic for her about 2 weeks ago because she has a bacterial tick disease, Ehrlichia. She takes 4 100mg pills twice a day so she's getting 800mg a day of Minocycline. I'm assuming its related to the meds cause we didn't have this prob at all till just the past week shea taking the meds for 4 weeks. On another not I have done kibble left from when I switched her over and just to try I have her some she ate it when I tried but then it took her half a day to eat it yesterday cause she has to eat with food and she threw up cause she didn't eat it in time after I gave her the meds in the morning. Anyone have any thoughts or any experiences similar too this? I have looked up the meds and can't find anything that could relate to the situation. I would appreciate any help since she's not eating much at all and I'm afraid she's gonna get malnourished!!! Thanks

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