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please tell me what you think.

My daughter adopted a beagle/jack russell mix ( I'd told her to get a beagle because she has young children - 6, 3 and newborn) and wanted a dog.

I knew she needed an easy dog.

Well she took this one without asking me and it's definitely more Jack Russell than beagle! Not only that, but it has serious resource guarding issues.

She called a trainer recommended by the rescue folk that provided the dog. He was bitten when trying to elicit the behavior - yep, drew blood.

Anyway, he told her it wasn't easy to train out and with three little ones, better to find another home.

The rescues have no room and she loves the dog but is rightfully worried about her children being bitten.

Now the same trainer called and offered to keep the dog for a week and work with him with his own dogs... for $200.

I'm not sure that will cure the little dog, but wonder if any of you has dealt with this in a small dog.

Do you think trainer can help, or is she throwing good money after bad?




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