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Unhappy Reporting a bad breeder to AKC?

Has anyone ever reported a breeder to AKC? How often do they shut down bad breeders/scammers?

We purchased a puppy with full AKC registration last year, but never received the papers. When the breeder told us we couldn't get papers, by then the dog was 10 months old, fully obedience trained and prepping for service work. When we asked for a refund/partial refund/replacement puppy due to the lack of papers, she refused to give us anything, and instead offered to buy the fully obedience-trained dog back for $200. Yeah right.

The dog was diagnosed with a life threatening disease just before she turned 1 year old, making her unable to be a service dog. She will die early from it and obviously cannot be bred. It is genetic, too, not just bad luck like cancer. We asked again for a refund/replacement and the breeder said no. She also said she wouldn't have pups available again until late in the year, but her website says she has pups due next week.

I messaged her threatening to go to AKC, but she's ignored my email.

So, has anyone complained to AKC before? The puppy we bought had seizures on her first night home due to severe worms. The breeder is a dog flipper, a scam artist (selling an absolutely untrained dog as an "obedience-trained service dog" for $2500 for example). She forged her husband's signature on AKC documents in front of me, using her husband's name for all AKC documents and contracts, though I've never seen him and she manages everything. She just sold another dog to someone, and refuses to give them papers too, so I am staying in contact with them.

If anyone has any input, or suggestions, please let me know. I am going in blind here.

Am I wrong for wanting a refund/replacement?

What all would AKC like to know?
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