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How a child should react to dog attack?

A friend is concerned about a neighborhood dog. She has two young daughters. Apparently, the owner walks an aggressive-acting, huge dog (she says pitt-type...who knows...I'm suspecting more mastiff-type?). The owner barely has control of the dog and today, while she and girls were near the sidewalk doing yardwork, the dog lunged at her girls. Owner barely held on (dog is wearing choker-type collar). This is not the first close call in the neighborhood.

I gave her the best advice I could: call AC so they have a record, even though there's nothing they can do at this point. Get a pic of dog and, if she feels safe to do so, video every time they walk past. That alone might send them somewhere else.

But I thought I'd direct her to some GOOD info on how she and her girls should handle themselves if God forbid, a leash breaks or he otherwise gets loose. I didn't trust myself to Google this...there is too much bad info out there. I did suggest she even contact an experienced trainer and ask them. Or maybe a K9 unit at her police dept.

Any good sources of info on this I can pass on?

Thanks in advance.
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