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Unhappy subarachnoid cyst

I don't post often, but I have been on the board quite a while. Usually if I have a question a search will have the answer for me. No info on this though!
My 4 year old girl has a subarachnoid cyst on her spine. Besides being very rare, the vet that did her MRI said he has never seen one on a GSD before. The neurologist we saw has only performed this type of surgery a few times, as well. We went to a vet specialty hospital that is well known in the LA area.
This isn't actually a cyst, but an accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid between the membranes on the spinal column. The surgery is complicated and very delicate. These 'cysts' tend to re-occur after the surgery we were discussing, marsupialization, where they have to mess with the delicate cerebral spinal membranes. Very scary. They are usually diagnosed while looking for some other problem. My vet thought she had a disk protrusion in the thoracic area of her spine after an x-ray and ordered the MRI where they found this.
By the time we went for the neurological re-check her neuro exam was good and she has few symptoms. It was decided to 'wait and watch' at this time. Possibly with a re-check of the MRI in a few months to see if there has been any change, although the MRI was pretty hard on both of us!
I have been looking for as much info on this disorder as I can find. Being rare, and rarer yet in the GSD, I still thought it a good chance someone here may have had experience with this disorder, and perhaps for some support as this has been very difficult for both of us. It can cause rear end paralysis and is likely going to be the end our SAR career. Thank you for reading and any support you may have to offer.

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