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New Puppy in a Social Household

Hey, I'm new to the forums so I'm just adjusting but I've had a question roaming my mind recently.

I've been planning to get a purebred GSD for the longest time now and as I edge closer to giving in, one though roams my mind.

My family has 3 dogs. Two of which are small dogs (Yorkie/Pom, Pug) and a large dog (Jack Russel/Border Collie). I plan to train my Shepherd in strict, yet loving manner. The dogs in my house aren't trained that well, they all bark a lot, tug on leashes, roughhouse, feed freely and everything I don't want my pup to be brought into. I currently live in the basement of the house (17, not legal to move on my own) which is a large area that is cut off by a large dry wall and a door from the exiting area of the basement.

I plan to have strict rules on my puppy such as feeding schedules, walks, training, and so forth. My worry is that I don't want to keep him locked up in the basement with me all the time, I want to introduce him to a social environment, but the problem is that the social environment around me isn't good under my standards for raising a well behaved pup.

I want to raise him with my rules and not to be exposed to the chaos that happens with my other canines in the house.

Any advice/help with this?

(This is a thread about asking about raising the pup in a social area, not about permission to get a pup or w/e. Please stick to the topic, thanks.)
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