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Ear Problems

I have another question. Newlie has been very healthy since he came to live with us other than for his ears. He has been on probably at least 5 rounds of antibiotics in the 16 months we have had him and ear drops galore. I am religious about cleaning his ears. At one point, I was cleaning his ears every day (and getting a lot of gunk out every time) but my vet said to only clean them twice a week and so I have to restrain myself. It is not ear mites, I had the vet check. So, then I wondered if some of this was allergies so I put him on Earthborn Great Plains Feast which is grain-free and bison as somebody told me that a lot of dogs are allergic to chicken.

Newlie would not let anyone clean his ears when we first got him, but he lets me do it now as long as I do not put anything with a pointed end (any bottle with a nozzle) near his ears. I can put drops on my finger or on a cotton ball or soft piece of cloth and put that in his ear, but if he sees a nozzle, it is all over. (I have tried to hide it with my hand, but he always sees it.) I know this is part, if not all of the reason he is having trouble, no medicine can get deep enough to really help. He does not growl or nip or anything like that, he just is very strong and my husband is disabled and cannot help.

I am open to any suggestions or ideas.
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