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Gaining too much weight too quickly?

I took Ari to the vet on Friday, and she weighed in at 21 pounds at 4 months old . She isn't a picky eater, and always eats as much as I give her, she just stays more on the slim side. My vet suggested that I up her feed to a total of 4 cups - she had been getting 3 - a day (side note; she is being fed natural choice) to see if she puts on any weight. We have access to use their scale whenever we want, so I stopped by today to see if she's gained any, and she weighed in at 25.6...that seems like a very rapid weight gain to me, 4.6 pounds in 2 days...just wanted to check in and see if I'm just being a worry wart, or if that was a very quick time to gain so much. Thank you!

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