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Getting a second puppy...later

My current pup is 15 weeks old, and I am already planning on getting another pup in the future when our current pup is older, most likely when he is a year. He is from working lines and is currently going to the trainer for Schutzhund training. I also plan doing this with the second pup, and am looking at a breeder that seems to be highly recommended on this board. I plan on getting a female(current is male).
I do have a few questions:
For those of you who have gotten a second pup at some point, what were the things you wish you knew? What were the hardest points of two?
Is the timing I am planning on ok (for my current pup to be a year) or should I wait longer?
Any key points to remember with bringing home the new pup?

I know this is way in advance but I like to be prepared
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