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Training my dog to tolerate strangers

I recently asked about my dog nipping a stranger on a walk and... he's done it again. To be fair, he'd just been chased down by a dog and the person he nipped was the owner of said dog. My dog's 11 months old and with the weather getting warmer I'm now bumping into more people and more dogs. He seems to be fine with dogs, his back may go up a little but he'll just sniff and move on. With people though, it's seeming to be hit and miss - this makes it more frustrating because I never know how he'll react to each person!! Some he'll just walk by without even acknowledging, others he'll sniff and forget about and some he'll lunge towards (which has now resulted in two nips). It's really bothering me now because I'm beginning to dread taking him out and I think my own personal insecurity about being 17 with a big dog is contributing.
Does anyone have any tips on how I can train my dog to be more laid back on walks?
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