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Desperately need of help!!!! DC area dog respite needed

I have a great friend in the Maryland DC area who recently got evicted. She has been living in her car with her 100 lb German Shepherd. As you can imagine she and her purebred German Shepherd are extremely uncomfortable all day and all night long while trying to sleep.

Is there anyone out there who could watch her German Shepherd for about a week while she tries to get her feet back on the ground. She has not been able to do so because she has not wanted to leave her German Shepherd in the hot car while she goes in and files various paperwork or finds a new place to live.

It would be wonderful if there is someone with a kind heart out there that could help this poor girl out. I would have taken her GS if I could but I already own 3- one of which is a male and know my male does not get along with other males.

Her male GS is super sweet, house trained and potty trained, very loving, great around kids, sable colored with hazel eyes. Just a beautiful loving big GS. Please let me know if someone can help her out. Thanks!!
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