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Originally Posted by Chip18 View Post
Maybe something in here will prove helpful

Ziva's Separation Anxiety Saga - Boxer Forum : Boxer Breed Dog Forums

And maybe "Who Pets my Puppy or dog" here:

New Dog, Very Challenging

Never dealt with SA myself but the first question that comes to mind, is if you move and she barks, barks, barks...what happens next??
Well sweet, thanks for the links i've read some of the 2nd link. Haven't followed the whole time.

Well i was mostly planning on waiting to move out till i can get a place out in the country, where her barking does not affect anyone but the animals in the forest! LOL But on a more serious note, i was hoping by the time a great opportunity arose she would be less anxious and therefor her barking, when left alone, would be a lot more minimal.
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