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Biting and aggressive towards my kids

We have a beautiful working line gsd that is 13 weeks old, we have had him for 3 week now. I have 3 girls, 12, 10 and 7. The 12 year old is tall and just as big as my wife. The other 2 are age appropriate sizes. We love the dog and looking for advice on how to curb this behavior that I see as puppy play. We have had other GSD's but american line, this is our first WGWL.

His behavior is really same with everyone but with my stern no, he will back away then begin to bark at if arguing.

With the girls he will come right up on them and start nipping and biting at them. At this point I have to keep on leash at all times when my girls are home. When they are not at home he is care free in our living room that we have gated off from rest of the house. He is fully house trained and uses the doggy door we have built into our wall from out previous GSD that past away last year from old age.

Summer is coming and the thought of having him constantly on a lead or crated throughout the day is not what I had hoped for.... but my girls come first and seeing them scared and crying from his bites is a little more than I can bare.

I am looking for solutions and advice as to how long this will last. He gets his final shots in 3 weeks and we can start taking him out then to wear him out but playing in yard with me is not making dent in calming his need for play.

I understand that due to his lines that he has more prey drive and the breeder did inform that his lines/parents had defense/agression which is why were interested since we are planning on doing IPO once he is old enough to take to local club.

Thanks for any advice..... I honestly was looking at a muzzle today and then put it back in hopes I could get some advise here on the net.
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