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What human emotions do dogs express and not express?

IMO dogs express:

fear (Zeeva shivers during fireworks),

guilt (contrary to what many have said, I've seen ears back, slumped posture during a castigation),

happiness (zoomies before a walk when I put my tennis shoes on; tail

irritation (whining when they have to go pee or want something),

contentment (on the flip side of irritation, my two can lie around and (I think?) they're content in those moments)

curiosity and suspicion (Zeeva looks under the bed when I do),

excitement (both of mine are aware when someone new is at the door)

stubbornness (if I don't have a treat, most of the time, Smokey doesn't listen even if I ask him repeatedly),

These are the emotions that I think dogs do not express:

conscientiousness (they don't care if they will hurt your feelings by doing something wrong; they don't care how they appear to others)

pride (they don't care if they've achieved something new or gotten a title or a ribbon)

contempt (I don't think dogs have a memory long enough to hold a grudge and take revenge or even to vindicate someone)

shyness (I think some may confuse this with fear but I don't think dogs have the capacity to feel conscientious and therefore can't really feel shy either)

Any emotions you'd like to add to either of the lists? Any you'd like to take off of one list and add to the other?
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