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Our walk..

was WONDERFUL today. He use to PULL and try to lead and stop to smell/eat everything while we take him for a walk. I decided to try using a prong collar a couple of weeks ago and the first time we used it, the walk was literally 75% better than usual.. we used it a second time and he was starting to get it more.. but today, he probably only tried to stop to catch a leaf that was blowing in the wind but other than that, he walked right by our side (boyfriend and i took turns walking him around the neighborhood), loose leash 98% of the walk, no pulling, didn't get phased by all the yard workers working on peoples yards, lawn mowers, blowers, etc. so many praises today!

I finally understand how it feels to LOVE taking your dog out for a walk. He's almost 5 months but he's been walking so well with us already. Maybe I'm celebrating too soon, but man.. walks before were such a chore. Today was just.. really, really good. Having a 35+ pound dog trying to pull you around sucks so much. Haha.
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