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GI /virus

Hi - I wanted to know if any of you had experienced a virus going around. My Ziggy threw up on Wed. a.m. and then kept throwing up bile - twice - his stools are normal. Thursday, he spent the day at the vet - everything normal - X-rays, blood work, etc. He is now eating again but not very much. On Friday a.m., Allie my GSD, would not eat - this never happens. I took her in and her temp was elevated 103.1 - illness is serious for Allie as she has autoimmune polyarthritis. The vet said to take her home, give her a Cerenia and monitor her - an hour later she threw up - The vet said to give her another Cerenia as she threw up the whole tablet. Allie did not throw up anything all day, her stool is normal. She will not eat but did drink water. Last night her temp was up to 103.8 and she was limping. I was concerned as she was not getting her twice daily prednisone (she takes 2.5 mg twice a day). Right now Allie is on an IV at the vet - fluids and prednisone.
I do not know what is causing this. My vet said she has had several dogs come in with GI upsets. The exterminator had put down a few ant granules on Monday but no one thinks that is the cause. I have not opened any new food bags and the canned food I opened on Tuesday, I discarded but it was from the same batch as the cans they have been eating.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Allie is very ill.

Mary Lou
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