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Ethoxyquin in dog food

In the current issue of Experience Life...a freebie for being a member at Lifetime Fitness, they have an article regarding what's in your pet's food.

They cite a preservative called ethoxyquin which is used as a stabilizer. What I found of interest is, unless the dog food manufacturer adds it in, it does not need to be listed on the ingredients contents. I guess if the dog food manufacturer buys products from their sources and it already has ethoxyquin in it due to the suppliers process then one will never know if it is in their dog's food.

Sounds like ethoxyquin could have some adverse effects on a dog consuming this chemical over it's lifespan.....even in trace amounts on a daily basis.

From another source ...
How Ethoxyquin Can ‘Sneak”
Its Way into Dog Food

Although ethoxyquin can be directly added to a dog food at the time of manufacture, this is only rarely the case.
That’s because it can also be added indirectly to any recipe as a consequence of using certain poultry or fish meals3 that already contain the chemical at the time they are procured.
And so even though it may not be listed on the label it can still be present in virtually any dog food.

I assume this has been brought to light by others before but this was the first I heard about it.....glad I made the change to raw.

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