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Hyper-Sensitivity to fleas..

This is the diagnosis for Midnite and his itchy skin with fur loss problem. Not a flea or any signs of flea dirt or bites on him. He just can't have them in his environment The vet recommended cleaning the house from top to bottom and treating the yard. She also recommended limiting him to a small area, well I'm not liking that, I got a yard for the dogs to enjoy. I chose not to go with a commercial chemical spray but something called Mosquito Barrier that is a strong natural garlic spray. I can't do anything with it because we are looking at rain all week and I need 24 hours without rain. I also got a natural flea and tick spray with cedar oil in it, which also works on skin issues like hot spots, etc. they did give him a steroid shot so I have time to clean everything. I am going to use the DE in the house in the carpet and upholstered furniture. The good news is that Midnites diet is working , he is down to 87.5. Only about another 8 pounds. I didn't think it was working and I just started noticing the difference, so of course he had blood work with thyroid panel just to make sure it's the diet not an illness.

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