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What to ask when picking a trainer?

I have been thinking about eventually taking Tego to a puppy or basic obedience class....There's only one in the town where I live that does classes regularly. The only problem is the the puppy and basic class seem to cover things that Tego already knows or that we're already working on at home. My only goal would be to get him out in a busy environment and work on concentrating on training in an unfamiliar place and not just home where everything has already been explored! But I really don't want to pay someone just to go do what he already does.

In a round about way I'm trying to ask what I should ask the trainer about as far as his training methods etc. before siging up for a class. What are the basic things to cover before deciding on a trainer? I overheard a conversation with this particular one and he sounded a bit like he believed he was some kind of dog whisperer and also watched a few minutes of one of his classes and he was the one working with the dog which I'm not big on. I want a trainer to tell me what to do with my own dog because 1.)I don't want my shepherd thinking he's supposed to listen to strangers and 2.)He already doesn't listen to strangers. He ignores them like he's supposed to and looks to me for his cues.

Thanks in advance!
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