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Default Is this an allergic reaction or something more serious?? Not a GSD

I have a vet appointment in 3 hours but I'm so worried. I forgot to give Xena her benadryl night before last and the next morning her eyes were swollen. I figured she was reacting and I have given her 3 doses of benadryl since then (2 25mg tabs every 12 hours, she is 50lbs) and it's not getting better. I think it's getting worse. She can barely open her eyes, her eyes are bloodshot and the inside of her eyelids are blood red. I felt her lymph nodes under her neck yesterday and they seemed a bit swollen but I wasn't alarmed. Today they are bigger, and when I opened her mouth to give her this morning's dose of benadryl she jerked away like I hurt her. I think her mouth won't open very far without pain, and it has to be a lot she is very stoic. Overall she is lethargic, eating and drinking but not much. She just wants to lay down next to me and sleep. I thought it was allergies but now I don't know I am freaking out just waiting
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