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Pit bull compatibility with GSD?

I am considering adopting a pitbull or pittie mix in the next few months, but am trying to decide if it would be suitable to my household. Of course, I have the one neutered male shepherd who will be probably a year to a year and a half before I even try to bring another dog home. But I'm more worried about the general compatibility of pitbulls and shepherds. I have had both before, but never at the same time.

For an overview of home life: I have a small apartment that has various walking trails and an off leash park in the middle. I usually walk 2-3 miles per day and play games of fetch and tug sporadically throughout the day. Once or twice a week, we go on a big hike of 8-10 miles at a park. I am doing sports with Kaiju and any new addition would likely also do sports. I do not leave my dog(s) alone unsupervised, so they would be crated when I am away, or would accompany me to work. When playing, Kaiju is quick to give calming signals if he feels he is overwhelmed so I'm not worried about him "dominating" or bullying the other dog and of course if play gets rough or too intense I would step in and enforce a cool off time.

I'm mostly just trying to decide if this would be the right breed for my situation and want to make sure I'm considering all possibilities so anyone with pitbull experience I would love to hear your suggestions/warnings/advice. I would also like to hear anyone's thoughts on whether it is easier to keep a male/female pair vs a male/male? And I am looking at about two years old for the pittie or should I look for older, say four years or so? Thanks in advance!
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