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I LOVE this dog! Hubby has a medical flare up right now. Last night he came out of the bedroom in excruciating pain and Gunther just lay next to me not going for attention the way he usually does when hubby gets up. Today Gunther has been very calm around the hubby. I just went to tell the hubby something and Gunther walked into the bedroom with ears down and a concerned look on his face. He went straight to the hubby's injury and started licking it. After licking the injury he looked up at the hubby with tail wagging crazily but still looking concerned. We were so blown away although not shocked that Gunther zeroed in right on the spot and tried to make it all better. He's being completely calm around the hubby and avoiding moving much more than his tail so he won't hurt dad. I just love this dog. Best decision I ever made.... Next to my husband
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