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Question Safe Activities for GSD and Neighborhood Kids

We're trying to be proactive here and are looking for some advice and words of wisdom from other GSD owners and people who have experience with kids. The children next door discovered we have a GSD and love to come over and play with Luke. Luke has learned that kids are pretty awesome and loves playing with them too.

Luke is 15 months old and the three kids are around the ages of 4, 8 and 11. The kids come over when they hear us playing in the backyard with Luke and will throw Luke's toys with us (balls, football, frisbee, etc.) or have Luke chase them. We enjoy the company of the kids and vice-versa. We're just trying to be proactive and avoid getting into any situations where the kids get too hyper, Luke gets overstimulated and the situation suddenly escalates (boundaries get crossed, accidental nip, etc.).

There have been a couple instances where Luke has accidentally grazed one of their hands (teeth rubbed against their hand or fingers) while Luke was going for the ball or while feeding him a treat. We taught Luke to be "gentle" but you'll sometimes feel his teeth rub against your fingers, especially if he's excited and not focusing. This is something that I don't normally mind, but with kids (and kids that are not our own) this is a different situation and something I want to avoid.

We're looking for any helpful advice and boundaries we can put into effect that will keep everyone safe and happy while they play. Also, feel free to share any ideas for fun activities they can do together. Helpful advice and/or criticism is welcome.
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