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General question about living with a GSD..

I hope this is in the right spot.

My last dog (not a GSD) had severe behavioral issues that couldn't be corrected with the help of many trainers and even medication. We came to believe he had brain damage, or something along that line.

He was extremely hard to live with. I loved him to death, but I had to be on him every minute of every day. I know puppies require a ton of work and constant supervision, but this persisted throughout adulthood. He never sat still for a second even if he had been exhausted from training and exercising, as if he had ADHD, and wouldn't let me or anyone in my family relax. It was more stressful than I can explain. I won't even begin to get into all his aggression issues.

I suppose I'm just afraid of what living with a normal dog is really like. Provided you exercise your dog, play with him, give him lots of training throughout the day and toys to occupy his mind, you should be able to have some time to just chill and relax, shouldn't you? I have PTSD among other issues, and whichever pup I get will eventually be trained at least partially in psychiatric service, but because of my conditions I do need down time--a little more than most people. Would normal dogs allow this at all?


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