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SG Berlin v Hokschhaus!

We finally got a taste of the conformation show world!

Berlin was shown last Saturday at the Topline GSDC Conformation show under SV judge Wilfried Scheld. He actually approached us in the morning and was commenting on how nice Berlin looked, and said he couldn't wait to see him in the ring.

Berlin earned his 'SG' show rating! I had such a blast, got to meet some people from the forum, and was able to experience the chaos of conformation shows. It was a really fun experience! I am so grateful that I had Robin and Carlos Huerta to help us prepare for the show, and for Carlos to handle Berlin in the ring for me.

Here is the critique: "Long coat, male, 18-24 months, correct in size, over medium size, strong bones with a lot of substance, good proportions, correct hair, good pigmentation, good front and back, somewhat sloping croup, very good angulation in hind, good angulation on the forehand, he’s parallel gaiting (correct gait), correct sequence of strides, he shows an outreaching, powerful gait. Very good, SG."

I will say, shows are a lot harder than they look. Anyway! I have a few pictures.

SG Valco "Berlin" v Hokschhaus
4/192014 by Katherine Druffel, on Flickr

Untitled by Katherine Druffel, on Flickr

And one of us with the judge, just for Robin! Lol
Untitled by Katherine Druffel, on Flickr

Also, I got a real stacked picture. Thanks to Robin for taking it and Carlos for stacking Berlin.

Untitled by Katherine Druffel, on Flickr

SG1 Valco 'Berlin' vom Hokschhaus CGCA BA-1 UNJCH HIC TC ETD

SG1 Rogue 'Tesla' von Huerta Hof HIC ATD TC
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