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food aggression

Hi, I'm looking for ways to stop food agression. I have a 6 month old german Shepard pup. We rescued him at 41/2 months. A day after bringing him home. He came down with parvo. When we got him back he was very under weight and starved. He was on a diet of chicken and rice for a week. Now he is crazy over people food. So here's the problem he doesn't have agression with his normal dog food but if he gets people food(we do not give him people food) he gets aggressive towards my other dog and the kids if they try and take it away, not so much me and my husband tho. Today he ate a hole through my 9 year Olds back pack to get to a bag of popcorn and when she tried to take the backpack from him he growled and nipped at her hand leaving marks. Please help we have been through so much with this pup and would hate to have to get rid of him over this.
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