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About my "Clingy" or "Needy" puppy.

I know this topic has been discussed to some extent but I'm begginning to wonder if I am worrying too much abouy my pup.

My GSD is 5 months old and he is attached to us like glue. If we use the bathroom, he waits outside the door and whines, he cries if we go upstairs and waits for us at the stairs child gate and he is constantly sitting on our feet while we watch TV.

The good news is that he enjoys his crate at night and tolerates a crate well when we go out for a few hours.

The big question is will he be emotionally tramatized when we go away on vacation in a few months? We don't have any close friends or family that can board him so he might end up in a community boarding kennel for a week. Obviously he will not be familiar with anyone there?

Now the biggest question. Am I acting like more of a baby than my baby pup? :-)
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