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Jogging problem

Hey guys,

I have a 13 month old male gsd. He's an awesome dog with little to no quirks except for this one glaring issue. We exercise a couple times a day using long walks, hikes, dog parks and bike rides to tire him out. We can never fully tire him out be we can get close. The issue arises when going on a walk and I decide to beggine jogging. He freaks out and starts biting my arms and jumping on me. I usually remain calm and try to redirect him but were talking about an 80 lb shepherd. It's not the end of the world for me because I can suck it up and deal with it but my girlfriend can't and shouldn't have to deal with him in that crazy "attacking"mode. Also I used bite inhibition when raising him which is the only things saving my arms. He was raised in a very good and positive environment, never hit never used any harsh feedback. I am just trying to understand and fix this behavior. I was thinking maybe this is linked to their herding tendencies (?)

If anyone could tell me where this is coming from or why that would be greatly
Appreciated. Also I would love to know how to begin to tackle this issue. I've spent countless hours socializing him and exposing him to things to avoid wierd quirks like this but somehow I failed when it comes to jogging.

Thanks in advance
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