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Lakoda is a diarrhea factory...

My rescue, Lakoda, seems to have a very sensitive stomach...

Marrow bones, Raw Meaty Bones (with most of the meat cut off), eggs, all of this turns his stomach sour.

He's currently eating Merrick Grain Free and has no problems on it, though I do want to transition him to a rotation diet, and give him more meat on the bones he gets.

He was in a rescue that was feeding him whatever they got in, but not sure how he handled it at he was in a kennel most of the time.

We're giving him 1 yogurt a day, but I am considering adding in some sauerkraut, daily, to help him, and was wondering what advice you might have? Also, I'm now freezing the bones I give him for 3 days, but I am wondering if that's actually beneficial?

Lakoda is my GSD/Husky mix, he is my treasure and I am always eager to learn more on how to do better for him.
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