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Default Breed Standard Ratio

I read that the ideal GSD body ratio is 10:8 Length:Height. Is that correct?
Just measured my pup's length and it's 30". Then from floor to withers and the conservative measurement is 27.5" --- so based on these measurements he's roughly 3" too tall for his length, is that correct?
So, will he get longer? I know I'm measuring him correctly based on the pictures on Google I was looking at. I would post his pedigree but the "breeder" told me they'd mail it when they got it but still haven't.
Just wondering out of curiosity, what are your dogs measuring at and what is their age?

DOB 09.01.2013
Weight: 75
Height: 27.5"
Length: 30"

I feel like he is too big! LOL. I absolutely love him, he's perfect the way he is but I never see any other shepherds around for comparison (except for the king shepherd down the block who is 115 lbs and 33" tall!). I don't know why it matters. I'm just curious I guess.

Thank you.

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