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Adopted a very old girl, no muscle, all fat, badly overgrown nails

Just took in an old girl a family was giving away. Her name is Bora, I'm told she is a Czech GSD, bought for breeding for police work but could not carry to term so she was fixed and sent away. Supposed to have a long family tree of police dogs. She must be from a healthy line to have made it this far and be in this condition, still being as vibrant as she is.

The family I got her from only had her a few years, fed her Ol Roy and never trimmed her feet. She is something around 11 or 12 years old. Very hard time walking. I trimmed her nails some but it's going to take a while to get them down to healthy lengths. She is now eating sportmix wholesomes, no wheat, corn or soy. My old aussie is doing great on this. I'm hoping Bora will shed some pounds as Hana did. She's fat, as stated and she is easily twice the size of my aussie but her arms are about the same size, there's no muscle there, her hind legs are so weak and she knuckles sometimes, which I'm sure it doesn't help that her nails are so long. She wants to play, wrestle and get the ball. It's so sad.

I just wanted to share our story here, this is day 2 of having her in the family. I wonder if at this age I can reverse any of this and at least have her walk more and more comfortably. Can I build muscle in a dog this old? I know it will help for her to lose some of that tubby tub. She is taking 3 cosequin a day too. Makes of world of difference for my aussie who has arthritis in her spine.
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