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How to aid weight gain?(non-GSD)

We have a foster Chihuahua right now....he is around 3 years....his ears are fly bitten, all healed up, and lots missing. We think he must of been an outside dog. He is skinny....he needs to gain weight. He is resting a lot, sleeps most of the day and night....he gets spunky though during potty breaks. He doesn't like Abby so he is staying in an ex-pen most of the time. Luckily he seems to be housebroken.

I am looking for ways to put weight on him....I am feeding him three times a day, 3oz wet and 1/4 cup dry....he doesn't eat all the dry but he eats most of it. I add a little water also since he doesn't drink much.

He goes into the shelter for adoption on May 3.

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