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Never had a potty training problem until my GSD

I am the proud mama of Phoenix she's about 19 weeks old. At around 12 weeks she was just about house broken she wouldn't go until 6am when I took her out. I was feeding her Science Diet and my Vet suggested I try Blue Buffalo since being put on it she now poops 3 TIMES at 4am!! Then she promptly wakes me up so I can clean it. I say this because she follows me and sits patiently while I clean every pile.

My husband is getting irritated especially since were moving to our new home with 2 acres and it has carpeting in the living room and bedrooms. If I leave the balcony door open(we live on the 1st floor) she will go on there but who wants to sleep with that open when anyone can walk in right?

Is it the food? Do I need to get up at 4am? and when I go get up I put my shoes on she does a spin and then squats going crazy here. IN all the pets i've had I never had this problem I also never had a breed that challenged me everyday I love it but not the potty problems. Any Advice???
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