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Default Aggressive behaviour to people and dogs

Hi there, wondering if there is any good advice out there regarding training our 12 month old beautiful shepherd.

Della is new to the house hold, approx 5 weeks. She has had 3 previous owners all of which have given up on her, something we do not want to do. We have a 12 year old cross breed female in the house and there are no issues, but as soon as we step outside and see another dog all **** breaks loose.

She also has the tendency to lunge at passers by and visiting family, only occassionally, but we have to be very wary with her. When there are no distractions she is fantastic, we can get sits, downs, stays from her, but as soon as something grabs her attention this goes out the window as if she goes deaf lol.

Whats the best technique or any great advice would be more than welcome.
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