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Hill's B/D?

Does anyone have any actual experience with Hill's B/D food? We mostly use Royal Canin at the clinic I work at, so it's not something I can check with clients about. Just looking for people's experience with it, not a nutrition spiel or anything like that

I'm considering transitioning one of my dogs to it that is showing a lot of signs of dementia. She also has epilepsy and possibly some other neuro problems. She is currently on Hill's C/D (reacts to RC Urinary SO) but has been on and off it for a few years now. She had bladder stones removed in 2010 and just had her first UTI since then (while off the C/D) in October. I'm comfortable switching from C/D to B/D and monitoring her urine more closely if B/D may work for her.

With our work schedules it's difficult to reliably get medication into her every 12hrs, I'm not completely opposed to it but I know by changing diet that she would be getting that food exclusively whereas with medication or supplements she would most likely miss a dose here and there.

If anyone has any experience with the food, good or bad, please let me know!
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