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Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
Worms? Is he hungry all the time? Vet bill clear ?

There are plenty of ways to slow him down. A fist size rock in the bowl helped my guy...
i doubt he has worms. he's never vomited, acted sick or uncomfortable and poops normal.

Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
I have a competition eater that's now 5. He's been that way all his life. We have tried special bowls, softball size aluminum ball in the bowl, everything. We still feed him twice a day so he's not getting so much at once, and use a muffin pan with 6 holes. He still eats like it's his last meal but at least it's a little bit slower.
this is good to know. i just don't want him to be hurting himself somehow.

if i knew how he would eat before we got him we could have named him kobayashi or joey chestnut.
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