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Eating too Fast?

is it harmful for a dog to eat too fast?

our 4 month old pup Rambo eats twice as fast as our 1 1/2 year old Julie. twice as fast as she did when she was 4 months. he doesn't vomit. vet says his weight gain is normal. he goes to his 3rd visit in 2 weeks so hopefully vet says the same thing. Julie is tiny at 60lbs but vet says she's a healthy weight for her height, even more so than the majority of the dogs he sees. he's already 40lbs. his arms are twice as thick as hers.

when he finishes his bowl we (wife or i depending on who's feeding) have to guard her bowl while she finishes or he will stick his face in her bowl and eat the 2nd half of her food and she'll let him. neither have food aggression and both automatically down stay and look at us 'till we say OK before rushing to their bowls.

so i'm not worried about aggression, weight, getting sick, knocking the bowl out of my hand. just the speed at which he eats. it blows my mind how fast he eats. is there anything wrong here?

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