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GSD people = serious people?

Do you think this breed attracts a specific type of human personality? If yes, how would you describe the average GSD lovers personality to be?

I think GSD people = serious people. Serious in the sense of training. Also, serious in the sense of not really having fun or joking around. I think that GSDs are also serious dogs...or do you have a goofy one?

For example, on my husky forum, people make fun of each other. They joke around. They have husky camps all over the US and UK. They're pretty lax about training and I think this is all because the breed attracts this type of personality. I'm sure most people know that huskies are notorious for being stubborn, independent, difficult to train, not exactly loyal, goofy etc etc...

Are there other breeds that attract a specific type of human personality? Or are these observations seemingly too general? Or maybe it's just the nature of the way different forums are managed?
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