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Have you known any dog that simply 'snapped'?

This is in light of a recent thread but I don't want to relink it here because it is such a tragic story and I didn't ask the OP for permission to do so...

I'm curious to see how many of you have known any dog that simply 'snapped'; became dangerously aggressive to a human without warning or any known medical issues. Can you describe the situation to asses for a warning sign you may have missed?

Because while I trust my two, I'm sure most people in that situation did as well.

And that 'it'll never happen to us' attitude scares me...A LOT.

I will admit Smokey has growled at me before and his posture was an 'am going to bite you if you take away my bone' posture. I've also been on the not so good side of redirected aggression when he couldn't get to a dog on the other side of a fence. But this was all understandable in the sense that there were triggers and warnings of aggression ensuing...we've trained and traded and redirected and it's worked splendidly but I still get scared...maybe for no reason.

How likely is YOUR dog to become aggressive toward you, a family/ friend or a stranger without warning? How much do you trust your dog?
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