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Exclamation 10 week old puppy potty training problem

i have been trying to potty train my puppy for a while now. i will take her outside after she eats and about every 2 hours or so and she refuses to use the bathroom outside, i have stood outside with her for an hour told her go potty and everything. she has gone potty once and i praised her and everything. other than that one time almost immediately after coming in from outside she will go potty in the house. i take her and show her that potting in the house is wrong. but she still does it. when she poops i will take it and throw it outside and take her to it and tell her that this is where we go potty. this method worked with my other dogs before but it is now working with her. if i catch her mid stream or what not i tell her nein outside and take her out but she will hold it until we come back inside. one day i had her outside for an hour and a half and all of a sudden she starts going crazy whining and pulling on the leash and barking doing circles so i know she had to potty but she never did the second we came inside she went and used the bathroom right in front of the bathroom door. any advice would be greatly appreciated especially since she has a diarrhea problem it is slowly getting better since i have been giving her pumpkin every day. even with the diarrhea she has gained 4 pounds in the last week and a half. she was small when we got her. thanks in advance
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