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Breeders in and around British Columbia

I'm looking to start talking to breeders, although I am not looking for a pup for another 2-3 years. Currently I have a 5yo GSD mix rescue, though she is 100% GSD in temperament. She is very high prey drive, but not aggressive. She's very owner oriented which I love. I work in forestry, so my dog is with me 24/7 out in the bush. She is also protective (she has saved me from a moose before) but has a very sound temperament. We have done some agility (for fun agility, no competitions) and I train with her a lot, but not professionally or competitavely. I also skijor with Remy. I compete in dock diving with my father's incredibly high strung Border Collie (I steal her a lot) ) as well. I'm actually looking for my next dog to do some ground SAR work (I'm staying away from Avi rescues) and also an agility, rally and dock diving prospect. The SAR is a dream, but with my work, I may not be able to swing it. Like I said above though, I am able to take my dogs to work with me. I have also been looking at Malinois and Dutch Shepherds, I have met plenty and know they are like GSD's on speed. My trainer has a Dutchie for SAR and I adore him. She has expressed that I would be fine with either a Mal or Dutchie, she has owned a few Mal's before her current guy. I would like to do some Schutzhund, but I have never trained in it before and finding a club will be a feat.

I am really looking for a straight back, slightly smaller boned (just not like a massive 100lb dog), working GSD breeder that will be the right temperament for me. I live in SE British Columbia, but I'm willing to travel quite far or ship if not too far away. I don't need any help finding a Mal breeder, I already have a contact that I have been speaking with for a few years now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As you can tell, I'm still doing my research, as I have never bought a dog before (rescue only), but I am looking for something much more specific this time around.

This is my girl Remy:
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