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Looking for a LONG list of reputable breeders!

Hey All,

I'm looking for a GSD that I will be personally training for the first time. Agility training seems like it would be a really fun thing to do, but I'd need a dog that can be ok with being in the house for hours at a time when I'm at work as well. Are there any good breeders on the East Coast (preferably, however I am not averse to traveling to get a puppy, so generally anything from Kentucky to the East Coast would probably work) that, in your experiences, have dogs that basically have good "Off" switches? I also like strong looking GSDs, with high rear ends, not the tapered hindquarters of the show breeds.

Sorry if this is a common question but it would be a huge help! I was looking at Sequoyah, while traveling (I haven't been able to call Sherle), but she unfortunately hasn't replied to my e-mail just yet. Those dogs look amazing, and sort of epitomize what I want in a GSD (Argo being the prime example of that).

Thanks a ton for the time reading this!
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