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Talk to me about EPI

I'm starting to wonder if my pup has EPI and considering testing for it. He isn't super active(I've argued that he's just low drive but it's really really low), he's thin( pushing six months and 32#) I'm not concerned about size per say except that he doesn't seem to be growing at a normal rate. And he hasn't necessarily lost weight because he's always been thin. The fact that he doesn't seem to be getting progressively thinner which is what makes me doubt EPI is the case. He has frequent loose stools but they can be corrected, at least short term, with pumpkin in his meals.

What else would I look for before deciding to have the testing done?

On a side not, please understand I know that shepherds are/need to be lean puppies. I'm good with that. He's just exceptionally small to me. Even non GSD people comment on how small he looks for his age.
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