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Wont eat

I have an almost year old GS. He was mostly on high quality dry food. Over the last few months, I was giving him meat mixed with dry food. Bits and pieces. Never gave him meat alone as a replacement for dry food. Through out the day I would give him a bone with meat on it to bite on as a snack. He loves it. Past week before Easter, we went through the regular routine, I guess on Easter day I gave him some sausage, eggs just for **** of it, it was Easter and it's all about eggs so I gave him some as well, all of a sudden, for the past almost 4 days, he wont eat dry food. I gave him mixed with meat, he will eat the meat and leave the dry food for days. I decided to switch dry food to another high quality kibble and still nothing. He ate a bit yesterday night and finished today early AM. He ate little over 2 cups for the past 4 days now. Is he being stubborn and wants meat and that's all because of how I got him used to it or is something wrong with him? I don't know what to do at this point. He acts normal, runs around, goes nuts when he sees us, chases the ball. Nothing changed in personality or drive but he wont eat.

Any suggestions?
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