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My dog yard (in the back) is mulch and leaf litter and stuff like that

My front yard is bermuda grass it gets milorganite and I have embraced the "zen of weeding" - between scanning and getting the weeds when young and using horticultural vinegar on them I do ok. Of course Bermuda is good to fill in brown spots from the vinegar. That said my lot is only 0,4 acre and it is a cul de sac so the grass front and side yards are not so much. Small enough to even cut with a reel mower.

I have really convinced myself that since I never had a dog with cancer until I started with lawn chemicals and spot on flea and tick meds that I would stop that nonsense. We have been Roundup/herbicide free for about 5 years now. I get by bug stuff (mainly beneficial nematodes) from Arbico Organics

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