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I vacuum and sweep about 2-3 times a week. Which considering what I've seen on this forum is on the low end. Brushing him once a day or every other day has helped cut down on what gets stuck on the rugs which is nice. We have hardwood and rugs in our main areas that he lays on. Toys aren't spread around willie nillie, I give him one or two at a time and when he's done I put them away.

The water dish area is my only down fall considering he makes a mess every time he drinks it's a pain to constantly wipe up. We have a big rug right in front of our french doors that lead into the backyard so muddy paws get wiped off there. I'm lucky though my dad owns his own carpet cleaning business so I never have to worry about that at least haha.

My mom is constantly horrified by the dog fur but I just tell don't come over if it bugs you, I live here not you. My sister has two cats, a rabbit and a russian blue tortoise so she's used to messes from animals. Never have I met such a messy animal before I met her rabbit. He has his own room in the house that is all his and yes he is litter trained but that doesn't mean he poos in there haha. The baseboards and door frames in a couple rooms in her house are all chewed up from when she had two rabbits and they'd chew on them.

I just try for a daily routine where I can wake up do the dishes, straighten the house, vacuum/sweep, do errands and come home and make dinner. It keeps the house from getting overwhelming if I tackle little things every day.
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